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 To contact me or to commission an item, please email:

Driftwood Dreams

or phone 0208 940 9693 if you cannot email for any reason. I am always happy to meet students or adults to show my work or help them on a project. You only have to ask. If you live on the South Coast, I am often in West Sussex over August and would be happy to meet up with you.

Please contact me by email for further details. To purchase an item, you can pay by PayPal or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to : Anita Russell
Please contact me to purchase or organise payment.

Terms and Conditions

© Anita Russell - COPYRIGHT Anita Russell owns the copyright in all works created by her and in all the images and photographs contained within the website. All rights are reserved. Should you wish to make use of any of the images contained within this website for commercial or any other purpose, please contact Anita Russell to obtain permission.

If you are commissioning a piece, in most cases, I am happy to provide free initial designs. I normally work from photos or sketches and do my designs in Microsoft paint. Most designs can be done from anywhere in the world by e mail.

When commissioning , I will give a guideline price before the design stage. I will then usually give a final quote and deadline with the designs including packing and delivery charges. On acceptance of a design, I ask for 50 % of the money as a deposit to begin the commission. When the work is completed I will e mail or post you a picture of the final item. When you have seen and approved the final item the balance is then due plus any delivery or packing charges. This is when the balance has to be paid. If you are late picking up an item it will be invoiced within 30 days of completion. On receipt of the balance the item will be packed and delivered to you by courier or First class post as specified. Wherever possible, I will try to avoid delivery charges and hand deliver or agree a meeting. Work is often packed up and sent abroad. I try to use a tracker (if available) and always have adequate insurance.


Please also email me any feedback about the art & the web site. If you would like me to link to your site, please email me your URL. If you have an interesting story, photos, useful hints or advice related to papier mache, please do email it to me. Anything of general interest will be published on this site. I would love this site to be dynamic , informative and fun. A forum for papier mache aficionados! So all contributions gladly received.

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