Pet Portraits

Papier Mache Portraits of Cats and Dogs

To commission a papier mache portrait of your pet, please get in touch. Papier mache pet portraits start at about £75.00 plus delivery. Larger commissions with a background such as Lady and the Lump start at £185.00

Here are two recent commissions.

Cat sculpture Papier mache dog portrait
Lady and the Lump Flora and Buzz

These are fun and inexpensive papier mache or paper mache gifts that you can give to a friend.

Papier mache dog and cat at weddingHere is a wedding anniversary tableau incorporating the owners with their pet dog and cat. The work was commissioned from photos e mailed to me. A design was produced for approval prior to commissions commencing.

Prices for these sort of tableaux start at £190 plus delivery.

Commission a cat portrait to give as a gift. Or maybe you have another pet you would like a portrait of?  Owners of pets understand the special bond between animal and human. What better than a portrait or sculpture to capture your pet for ever.  Sadly, pets do not last forever but our images and sculptures do.

Maybe your pet has recently deceased. What better than a lovely portrait to remember those fun days and warm moments.


Here are two recent commissions of cats in watercolour. Watercolour pet portraits are a recent addition to the site. Maybe a watercolour is more your preference than a sculpture? The choice is yours.

Watercolour pet portraitPet portrait watercolour

These watercolours are created by "Lyndsay" a local artist. They were both painted from a photograph. Both were completed in under a week. This is an ideal gift for a quick turnaround. A similar commission would cost from £85 with a small additional charge for a mount and delivery. Each mount can be signed with a name and date. A personalised message can be put on the back in a stylised typographic border.

To see further examples of watercolours, please visit the top Watercolour page

3D Pets

Papier mache pet portraitTabitha

A cute papier mache pet cat set on a piece of driftwood weighted with a ceramic mould inside.
This cat stands about 120 cm tall  and is available to purchase.

Price for similar commission:  £55 plus delivery.



Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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