Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is one of the most important Catholic religious events with fused pre-Hispanic religions and rituals held throughout Mexico.  The Celebration takes place the 1st and 2nd November.  Beautiful shrines decorated with flowers, food, memorabilia and objects are created for the home and in public places to honour the departed.  In Mexico there is a tradition of artists creating many skeletons and skulls out of papier mache to sell for this event. The skeletons follow old traditions and are seen in every day pursuits indigenous to local customs.

In studying Mexican culture,  I  have become fascinated by this amazing celebration. Thus inspired,  I  have produced my own papier mache tableaux and skeletons.

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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead sculptureHere is a papier mache piece representing skeletons coming to life on the Day of the Dead for the last dance.

I have been very inspired by Frida Kahlo and many aspects of  Mexican Art. 

I  have also written a poem to accompany this piece which is printed on the back:

"And as the clock turned midnight, The ground gave up it’s fight - The lover’s rose, embraced once more. And thus entranced; they danced & danced. They twirled in circles round the floor. Reunited, at last for ever more………."

This is probably one of my favourite papier mache pieces out of everything I have ever done. It has become a collector's item! I have followed the Mexican papier mache traditions faithfully with the vibrant colours and naive style.

Dimensions: 38 cm x 30 cm
For Sale
: £375.00 plus delivery



The Silver Surfer

Day of the Dead sculptureIn creating my papier mache sculpture “The Silver Surfer"  I was portraying  the human surfer returning  from the grave to pursue his human pleasures. This again is based on the theory of papier mache The Day of The Dead.

This has also been used as an image in several publications and for a Mexican Travel Guide. My prices for reproduction are very reasonable and I am happy for my work to be used in advertising and display work.

Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm
For Sale: £255.00 plus delivery






The Ballerina

Day of the Dead sculptureMy papier mache sculpture "The Ballerina"  skeleton makes a social comment on anorexia,  diet and how ballerinas are so aware of their figure.

Size approx 140 cm high.  Guide Price from £55.00 upwards  

The interesting point in my creation of  these papier mache skeleton sculptures is in the twist of creative input when artworks are produced in a different culture's style with a western slant. 
i.e.  ballroom dancing, ballet,  surfing. 
These particular themes would be unlikely to be found in Mexico.

 I have also produced a range of papier mache Halloween gifts suitable for workshops. Please email for details and pictures.

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