Sailing Boats

Boat made from flotsam, jetsam and papier mache adorn driftwood bases to create perfect coastal themed presents. If you want a simple stylish gift at a very realistic price these could be just the thing for you.  The pieces above are all commissions and can be made to your requirements. Prices start at £45.00.

I am crazy about the sea and boats and passionate about sailing having sailed from when I was tiny.

So it was natural that boats and yachts would be one of the art items I enjoy creating most.

I have experimented with a number of different ways of creating boats and seascapes utilising papier mache, driftwood from Chichester harbour, water worn stones and glass - even broken crockery.

I have found that papier mache with its unique texture is a particularly good medium for creating a turbulent sea.

I hope you enjoy browsing through a selection of my boat and seascape sculptures.



My boats can be split into the following four distinct media for her boating themes:

top Papier Mache Boats top Driftwood Boat Scultures top Framed Boat Sculptures top Boat Sculpture Cards

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