Unique Papier Mache Toys for Children

Over the years I have found myself creating  papier mache items such as a farm, a castle,  a house, a windmill, a boat and a battleship.  These pieces of papier mache have enhanced my  children's' bedrooms & several of our friends'  playrooms and are very artistic and tasteful compared to the expensive plastic toys most children own.

Papier mache is a strong medium and can withstand a reasonable amount of play.  I created a whole Sylvanian world for my daughter who treasures her pretty items and finds them far more colourful and interesting than the usual. I recently made a castle and a "Warhammer" landscape as commissions.

Sylvanian Canal Boat Canal Boat

A canal boat toy driven by a Sylvanian

Canal Boat Dimensions: 15cm height x 30cm length
Guide price for a similar commission: £75.00 plus delivery


Sylvanian Windmill Windmill

A Sylvanian Widmill house

Windmill Dimensions: 70cm height x 40cm width x 20 depth
Guide price for a similar commission: £125.00 plus delivery

papier mache sailing boat sculpture Sun and Moon

Why not paint your child's bedroom like the sky by day or night and commission a papier mache sun and moon to decorate the wall.  I  transformed a cupboard in a bedroom this way.

Sun"   43cm x 40cm
For Sale: £65.00 plus delivery
"Moon"  25cm x 25cm
For Sale: £45.00 plus delivery
Papier mache toy

Warhammer Dragon

My son was very keen on Warhammer when he was young. I created this sculpture as a present for him.

Of course the Warhammer creatures have a lot of similarities as Alibrijes. To view more Alibrijes click top here

papier mache sailing boat sculpture Piggy

A papier mache piggy bank is a must for all children.

This pretty pink  one is covered with pink roses.                                                                         

Dimensions: 17cm x 10cm
For Sale: £35.00 plus delivery


papier mache sailing boat sculpture Angel

One of my first angels

For more angels and fairies, please follow this top link.

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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