Sea Life - Inspired by the Sea

Continuing my sea theme, I have created a range of sea creatures incorporating driftwood fresh from the Sussex shores married with papier mache - most of which are wall hung.  The majority of these were created for a recent exhibition of my work entitled "Inspired by the Sea". 

Further work from this exhibition include a lighthouse and a rowing boat , which can be seen on all pages covered by "Inspired by the Sea".

papier mache art Flame Fish

I took this inspiration from the style seen in Mexican fantastical creatures  or "alebrijes". This papier mache and driftwood fish utilises an interesting shaped piece of driftwood which captured my eye.  I wanted the paint detail to be reminiscent of henna painting but on wood. This fish was used by the Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company as a prop in their version of Princess Ivana.

Dimensions: 36cm wide x 36cm high

papier mache art Green Speckled Jester

This jolly,  painted papier mache fish was mounted on a driftwood background.
I love studying the patterns on real fish and replicating these designs with imaginative intervention.  I  have now produced a series of fish using many different paint  techniques. Over the years, I have strived to observe patterns very carefully and to master the art of this detailed paint technique.

Dimensions: 27cm height x 30cm wide
Guide Price for Commission: £70.00 plus delivery.

papier mache art Mermaid Frolic

Papier mache mermaids are loved by one and all. I am no exception and am captivated by this fantastical sea maiden.  Seen frolicking in the waves, I adorned my little mermaid with a very fine glitter which sparkles and glistens. Prices from £70.00.

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A mother commissioned a clock for her daughter and son in law called top Indeed, you two are...a light in our lives! which features them as a merman and mermaid. Please take a look by following this link.

Guide price for a similar commission: £155.00

papier mache art Ocean's Jewel

Every  papier mache piece I do is  signed and titled and often hung with old sailing rope found on the shore. Some of my recent titles have been top Misty Moonbeam and "Where Still Waters Run Deep".  These titles add to the mystique and story of the artwork.

Dimensions: 16 cm x 16 cm
Guide Price: From £55.00 plus delivery

papier mache art Free Spirit

I wanted to create a scary shark with menacing teeth set against a rough sea. The burnt edges of the wood contrast with the blue detail on the waves.

20cm height x 30cm wide
Sold: Similar from £65.00 plus delivery

papier mache art Seahorse Shimmer

I am mad about seahorses.  This shy,  enchanted papier mache seahorse is attached to sea-worn driftwood. You can hang this on a wall or have it free-standing.  I embellished this piece with a fine resin glitter that catches the light, enhancing the gilt finish. This was adapted for a crystal anniversary by adding a crystal to the wood.

Dimensions: 13cm height x 10cm wide
Price for a similar commission:  £55.00 plus delivery

papier mache art Glistening Gourami

This piece of wood came from the inside of the hull of an old
broken up Mirror dinghy.
I loved the turquoise colouring  showing through the grey paint.
Set on this sea washed piece of flotsam, the "Glistening Gourami's"  turquoise
finish glistens, enhancing the faded colours which appear on the wood.

35 cm x 30 cm wide

Guide price for similar: £65 plus delivery


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