Sports Sculptures

What better way to impress a friend than to capture them doing the sport they love best. People who are mad on sports are really transfixed by their sculptures when they receive them.

For this reason, I love to depict sports in my work.  The medium of paper mache is the perfect way to capture the rough terrain of a mountain slope or the thrill of the waves. From Fastnet racing to deep sea diving, from alpine skiing to white water rafting, I can bring your activity to life.


I enjoyed making these skiing paper mache tableaux. One was a wedding present the other an anniversary present. Chamonix was for a couple who even got married on the slope. The other was for a couple who had a themed ski wedding.

papier mache sports sculpturepapier mache sports sculpturepapier mache sports sculpture

I am more than more than happy to discuss and suggest a commission for you to think about.


papier mache sports sculptureThis mirror is titled "A True Rugby Union" commissioned for a paper anniversary for a couple where the wife supports the All Blacks while the husband follows the Boks.

The title was an inspiration and caused much hilarity in the giving.




Sailing, Rowing and Canoeing

Being a keen sailor myself, I have created a large number of yachting and boating themed pieces. For more sailing sculpures, click  top Boats

Here are three of my favourites:

papier mache sports sculpturepapier mache sports sculpturepapier mache sports sculpture

Diving and Fishing

papier mache sports sculpturepapier mache sports sculpture

If you would like to commission work with your sporting passion, please email me with your details and I will enjoy researching your interest and coming up with the desired result.


Balloning giftBalloning present


My daughter has been competing in Acrobatic Gymnastics since she was nine years old.

"Acro" is not only the oldest gymnastics discipline, but also the most beautiful and exciting to watch. Partnerships of two, three or in the case of men, four gymnasts perform a two and a half minute floor routine doing dynamic moves, such as somersaults or balancing moves such as the move called "Pyramid" depicted on the left.

When my daughter was the smallest and on top of the trio, "Pyramid" was always the move I dreaded watching most. It was rarely completely stable and for a little one, it was a long way to fall to the ground.


Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.


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