20th Anniversary Gifts - China

20th Anniversary present, ChinaAdding china can contrast textures with the softness of the  papier mache medium to make very special 20th anniversary gifts and presents.  There are also my ceramic and china boats as shown below. I  am constantly choosing a special piece from my unique collection of broken and sea washed china to make these unique ceramic sculptures. I  can also use small china animals and figures in a papier mache sculpture or picture. 

This papier mache garden sculpture incorporates china to form the main path and flower bed edging in the garden. The tree stump utilises driftwood and a magpie and rabbit complete the personalised look. Various features such as the lantern and picket fence make their garden instantly recognisable.

Each piece is personalised and whilst totally original still fulfils the role of  traditional anniversary gifts. I  have such diverse pieces of china as vintage "Meissen"  and 1954 "Bunnykins".


20th Anniversary present, China 20th Anniversary present, China

The commission above actually incorporated shells and sand from a favourite beach as well as a label mounted on the back with a personal message to your loved one.

There are so many ways I could incorporate china in a sculpture to celebrate your 20 years of marriage...and it doesn't have to be a boat or seascape. It could be a portrait, a scene from your marriage, a special holiday or even a portrait of your house or your special pet.

You have certainly come to the right web site for anniversary gifts that are personalised for you.  I take pride in being able to capture that special moment, unique place or individual detail in my unique plaques and sculptures.

20th Anniversary present, China 20th Anniversary present, China

If you cannot come up with an idea yourself,  I am more than happy to help with suggestions and I can work from a photo or just my vivid imagination! please feel free to please email anita@driftwood-dreams.co.uk to discuss a commissio me  to discuss a commission.

I am also always available to have an informal discussion or to suggest a commission for you to think about.

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

This web site has many replicas of actual couple's and their pursuits. To view them, please browse the links below as well as the top Weddings, top Mirrors and the top Sports sculpture . Similar ideas to these could be suitable for any anniversary.

Remember I can always incorporate pearls, rubies, leather, diamonds as appropriate to suit your anniversary.

Perhaps you may be interested in an alternative romantic gift such as a watercolour or silhouette. If so, please click top Romantic Presents

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