25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver

Your 25th or silver anniversary is a major milestone in your life. I have been privileged to have been commissioned by husbands, wives and even friends to create sculptures for this special event.

These sculptures make a unique, beautiful and truly personalised silver anniversary gift that is always well received.  Choose your subject matter and I can make an anniversary plaque or sculpture incorporating silver that is specific to something memorable and special in your life...a perfect way to celebrate the completion of the 25th year of your marriage.

25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver

A recent anniversary mixed media mosaic commission involved a free hanging mosaic heart utilising pieces of beautiful pottery, many pieces with real 1930's designs. This was hung in the front of a SILVER metal edged  3 dimensional box frame lined with poetry quotes and dates, names and details embellished with jewels and glitter. A collaged border could be in silver papers with the heart using silver and pale white china pieces.

Maybe you have a special poem that means a lot to you. This silver frame encloses a 3d heart hanging in front of a collage of a memorable poem "Let me count the ways".

I can work with you designing an artwork which best cases your favourite item or memory.

Just email me or phone me to discuss. Prices from £75.00.

Fireworks over Santa Maria Island

25th Anniversary Gifts - SilverFireworks over Santa Maria Island was created as a silver anniversary gift and celebrates a special magical moment in the couple's life.

The silver fireworks and silver moon provides the piece with that traditional silver anniversary touch

25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver

Another view from the Hotel de Coronado also on Santa Maria Island. A commission to celebrate a couple's 25th wedding anniversary. they met at this actual hotel all those years ago. What a lovely surprise this gift will be.

Under a Silvery Moon

25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver

On the reverse of the sculptures, I mount a label with your message,  providing a unique and personal touch to the gift.

By incorporating a silver moon (a vintage sixpence),  this piece was commissioned for a 25th silver wedding present for a couple who summer by the sea. The paintwork in the background was also sprinkled with a silver glow.

There are many ways I could incorporate silver in a piece to reflect the tradition required for a silver anniversary present. If you are looking for idea for gifts, please email me to discuss a commission.

25 Years of Calm Sailing

25th Anniversary Gifts - SilverI  take pride in being able to capture that special moment, unique place or individual detail with my unique plaques.  For example, the piece above and on the left were silver anniversary gifts for two couples who enjoyed sailing.

If you cannot come up with an idea yourself,  I am more than happy to help with suggestions and I can work from a photo, a conversation or just my vivid imagination!

I am also always available to have an informal discussion or to suggest a commission for you to think about.

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

This web site has many replicas of actual couple's and their pursuits. To view them, please browse the links below as well as the top Weddings, top Mirrors and the top Sports sculpture . Similar ideas to these could be suitable for any anniversary.

Remember I can always incorporate pearls, rubies, leather, diamonds as appropriate to suit your anniversary.

Perhaps you may be interested in an alternative romantic gift such as a watercolour or silhouette. If so, please click top Romantic Presents

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