Gift Vouchers

Gift voucher for paper macheDo you want to learn about Papier Mache or do you have a friend, girlfriend or wife who is keen to give it a go?

Why not buy a gift voucher for how many sessions you require and come and learn the art. Gift vouchers can be tailored to suit your needs.

OR another fun and original gift idea is this -if you have a short time span:

You tell your other half you have commissioned an original personalised "paper " anniversary tableau/artwork for the anniversary but as this is a family heirloom it is imperative that he/she is part of the design process.

As this is to be part of your future decor you would like them to add their ideas to the process, should it be the wedding, the honeymoon, should the cat or dog be in it.

Should it be a favourite pastime. Where should it be set. Should it include a favourite sport etc. Do they want it with a clock, on driftwood or in a frame.

I then do a Certificate of a Design which you purchased and the gift has been ordered , this would include a rough copy of the design and some thought provoking questions for them to answer regarding the design and implementation.

How original is that as a present and you can discuss my history and website so they can see the style. I can send you a brief art resume to go with it. This means your present is definitely on time and this is all part of the process. Often other halves have their own ideas!!


Other FAQs

To find out more about ordering a papier mache sculpture, workshops, worksheets, shipping, payment or using Anita's sculptures or images, please follow the links below:

top The Artist: If you live nearby come and have a chat

top The Design Process: From photo to final art work

top Choosing a style: If you are purchasing a cross, ceramic boat or angel gift

top Teasers: For when you have very little time to get your artwork done

top Workshops: Do you want to book a workshop for your friends, children or school?

top Worksheets: Do you want some help getting started on a project of your own?

top Payments: How do you pay? A safe and simple way.

top Gift wrap, Packaging & Delivery: How do I get my artwork? Will it be safe?

top Feedback: Some Client’s comments and thoughts

top Refunds on Crosses and Angels: What do I do if I am not satisfied?

top Copyright & Reproduction of Pictures: Do you want to use one of my pictures in a publication? Are you commissioning an item for TV, Film, Press or Theatre?


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