Romantic Mosaics & Shaddow Boxes

I have now started a range of pottery mosaic heart with a collaged border. I can create these romantic gifts to suit your colour specification and a heart to match your theme. Just email me at to discuss your very own commission.

Prices for these Themed Shadow Boxes are from £75.00 and the size is about 8" - 10" square although frames vary as to what I have in stock.

9th Anniversary Gift9th Anniversary Gift9th Anniversary Gift


Mosaic gift heartMosaic gift heartMosaic gift heartMosaic gift heart


A recent anniversary mixed media mosaic commission involved a free hanging mosaic heart utilising pieces of beautiful pottery, many pieces with real 1930's designs. This was hung in the front of a metal edged  3 dimensional box frame lined with poetry quotes and dates, names and details embellished with jewels and glitter.

The message on the back was edged with red and the piece was hung with red cord. This was my first attempt at mosaic and shows I am always willing to try out new designs to answer your brief.

romantic mosaic giftromantic mosaic heart message

Maybe you have a special poem that means a lot to you. This silver frame encloses a 3d heart hanging in front of a collage of a memorable poem "Let me count the ways". A collaged border can be in any colour spec and match a heart of any colour scheme.

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romantic heart giftromantic heart giftromantic heart present

The above two sculptures have a papier mache heart rather than a mosaic.
The papier mache heart in a wooden frame (above left) with a poem start from £45

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heart mosaic presentromantic heart present

Hearts made out of mosaic or papier mache can be set within a metal frame, a wooden frame or a colourful decoupaged shadow box.  Colours can be themed to match a wedding bouquet, a favourite place (like Spain or a beach) and can include personal messages, names, dates and photos. We can come up with an idea and manage the project or you can tell us what you want. Personalised sayings, poems, charms, tickets, mementos and other memorabilia can be used within the box.

Mosaic vaseI can create a variety of items in this medium. I have a large collection of interesting china and pottery. Here is a mosaic vase created with both papier mache and mosaic. This was created by covering an old lemonade bottle which makes the inside waterproof to use for flowers. I am happy to work with you designing a mosaic piece which includes your colour scheme, a favourite item or memory. It would also be possible to create a shadow box with a mosiac surround. All shadow boxes can incorporate messages, writings, photos and charms.


Wooden frame with papier mache heart:  £45.00, postage extra

Themed Papier Mache Shadow boxes: from £75.

Just email me at to discuss your very own commission.

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