Papier Mache Sculpture

This sculpture of top Alastair Darling produced for Channel 5's budget coverage 2008, was so popular outside 11 Downing Street, it was photographed for The Telegraph, Metro, Local London as well as featuring throughout the TV Channel 5 news. The response was amazing. Please read more about this and have a look at the top news coverage and see full story Alistair Darling Sculpture story.

If you wish to learn how to create a papier mache model please get in touch.
I conduct a large number of workshops teaching both adults as well as school children. Below is a video clip of one of my recent workshops

Learn Papier Mache


"It all started when the papier mache book that sat on my bookshelf jumped out at me one day and I decided I would try and get some lessons. I searched the internet and found Anita. Her website looked fun and when I spoke with her she was very enthusiastic. I arranged to do 3 workshops and then I contacted a close friend and she said that she was more interested in art classes but she would come along. She then brought a neighbour that had been confined to her home due to foot injury and thought she might like it. So we all headed down to Anita not knowing what to expect. All we can say – It was great fun. Anita is very motivating and supportive of the very ambitious ideas we had. All the sessions were fun and a great time to relax and to be creative. Not to mention good girl chat!. Thoroughly recommended.


The piece represents our journey through life - precarious, unsteady and fraught with difficulty. The woman is clothed which represents our incongruous attempts to protect ourselves through formality and disguises. When I sent it to a very dear male friend he said “Tell the woman that clothing will never protect her” !

Please take the opportunity to enjoy working with Anita - Joanne Holland CEO Bowater Building Products"

If you are interested in a workshop, please do email me. For more details, please follow this link top Adult Workshops

First Year Anniverary Presents

papier mache sculpture

Recently I have also created mosaic hearts, dioramas and memory boxes. top anniversary gifts,
top life in a box If you look through the gift pages you will soon realise that I love coming up with new ideas and I can utilise techniques such as printing, mosaic, papier mache, clay, collagraph and mark making as well as many other art mediums to create a special piece for your needs.

When you commission a piece, I spend hours coming up with a design just for you. This could be for an anniversary, birthday, christening, confirmation, wedding or any other event. On approval of a design we agree a cost and I always stick to it. You pay half up front and the rest on site of a final item.

In these days of mass production, this is a totally unique and personal gift demonstrating both thought and effort. Each gift is personal and comes with a dedicated personalised message. This comes across as very romantic and the attention to detail is second to none. I use photos of clothes and wedding attire to copy your exact outfits.  If time is tight I will happily produce a teaser to tide you over while the git is being completed.  These presents are romantic and are ideal paper gifts for a first anniversary.

I am always available with ideas and designs long before you commit and really want to give you what you want so nothing is too much effort.  Feel free to ask about something, there is no commitment.

I really enjoy the creative relationship of coming up with a gift.  I have had scores of amusing emails deciding whether to add a pet, what clothes the loved one should be wearing or whether to use sunglasses, bikinis or wedding flowers within my tableau.  |I keep you in the loop all the way through and can even produce a PowerPoint of the step by step process.

Every person who contacts me is delightful. I have had such fun with all my commissions and made many new friends through this site. Over the last few years I have taken commissions for portraits of houses, pets & people, design companies, weddings, anniversaries, communions, christenings and birthdays. Each commission comes with a truly personal message and title on the back. Clients who order romantic gifts can expect a very emotional response as their loved ones unwrap their present!

Have a look at my tableaux around the world top world globe.

Please get in touch and start this creative journey, you won’t regret it.

Theatre Props

"Flame Fish" used as the central prop in a production of Princess Ivana by the Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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