Wedding Sculptures - A Very Personal Gift

Are you looking for a very personal and totally unique wedding present?
If so, why not commission a wedding tableau. Alternatively, look at the lovely watercolour of a wedding below. These romantic personalised watercolours are done exclusively for Driftwood Dreams by 'Lyndsay Russell', a local artist.  Normally, you can only commission her work via a gallery or agent. As our overheads are low, we can make the prices of original watercolours incredibly competitive.

I can make an elaborate and personalised wedding card to present to the bride and groom.  After the wedding you can email me a photograph and I shall endeavour to finish the commission by the time the happy couple return from their honeymoon or as soon as possible.

These commissions were actually for first anniversaries but would equally suit a wedding gift. All these commissions of weddings were designed from photos sent by e mail. In each case a design was provided for approval by email before the work was started. So you could actually have a border with snippets from the invitation, actual confetti and items from the reception decoration, even the bouquet.

Wedding anniversary gift Wedding anniversary gift Wedding anniversary gift
Wedding in Banff Bahamas Wedding Paris Wedding
Wedding anniversary gift Wedding anniversary gift Wedding anniversary gift
African Wedding A Tropical Wedding Skiing in Chamonix
paper wedding gift Wedding anniversary gift papier mache wedding sculpture
An Irish Wedding The Windmill Wedding Wedding at Harwick Hall
Wedding and Anniversay present Wedding anniversary gift Wedding anniversary gift
Volkswagon Wedding Wedding with a Cadillac Wedding at the Opera House
scottish wedding gift Wedding anniversary gift paper anniversary gift
A Scottish Wedding A School Wedding Wedding at Cannizarro House

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Wedding Display and Engagement Sculpture

wedding table ornamentEngagement sculpture

This shell wedding centre piece was designed to hold the seating plan in an oyster themed wedding. The two hands were based on a favourite photo of a couple after their engagement. Both the hand sculpture above and the wedding at the hotel further down the page use confetti in the sculpture. The confetti was picked up at an actual wedding as well!

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Heart Dioramas

romantic mosaic giftromantic heart giftromantic mosaic heart message

What lovelier wedding present than a mixed media mosaic commission involving a free hanging mosaic heart utilising pieces of beautiful pottery, many pieces with real 1930's designs. This commission was hung in the front of a metal edged  3 dimensional box frame lined with poetry quotes and dates, names and details embellished with jewels and glitter.

The message on the back was edged with red and the piece was hung with red cord.

Or maybe, you would just like a pottery heart. Just email me to discuss your very own commission.

Prices for this sort of design above are approx £75.00 and the size is about 8" square although frames vary as to what I have in stock.

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Personalised Original Watercolours

Romantic by nature, 'Lyndsay' has been inspired by the notion of painting couples on their wedding day. If you like, the wedding could be part of a collage of images that form a larger picture. This may include the bouquet, church or reception venue, the cake and other items.

watercolour giftLyndsay can paint a lovely watercolour of the venue of the wedding. This would make a beautiful wedding present. This picture was of Tynley hall.

She is happy to come up with sketches to show her lovely ideas and has agreed to work at competitive prices to offer these stunning presents.  Normally, her work would command significantly higher prices but by cutting out agent & gallery costs we are able to bring you a fantastic offer.

'Lyndsay' has kindly agreed to sign each original in her normal fashion. You can look at more of Lyndsay's work on our
Romantic Gifts.


Fairy wedding portraitwedding portrait

Email us some photographs from your wedding and Lyndsay will paint a watercolour to capture the moment forever.

She has recently created an illustrated children’s book which was published in September 2007.  For details, click top The Rainbow Weaver

Prices from £85.00 without delivery or frames.


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