Papier Mache Children's Workshop Gallery

Take a look through these colourful sculptures all devised and created for or within workshops.
I am happy to devise a theme and samples to fit in with your projects, syllabus or whatever you wish to do. Some projects may require some preparation work prior to arriving. I shalll create a CD of materials that include resources, theme developments and stage by stage worksheets.

I am CRB checked and have worked with all ability students, including statemented children, in schools over many years.

I have also taught at the RACC in Richmond.

Arts Workshop

Craft for KidsCraft for KidsCraft for Kids

This was with an secondary school art club in arts week over 2 afternoon sessions. The workshop was celebrating art, music and drama. I did prepare the shaped blank bases ready for papier mache of the items prior to arriving at the workshop.

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Fish Workshop

This project was also with a group of girls and boys from Year 6 Juniors.

Craft for KidsCraft for Kids

The fish were built up from a cut out cardboard base. The children researched and chose their fish from school resources prior to my visiting.  We managed to get  the framework and papering done in under 2 hours.  The teacher supervised the children  to put a white base coat and a plain colour 2nd layer on their fish before I returned to show them painting techniques.  The 2nd lesson was completed in under 2 hours also.

Craft for KidsCraft for Kids

This project was done as an art activity in the summer term after the exams were over and to present to parents on their final achievements day.  It made a spectacular display.  This could also be done to decorate a school library or hall. 

The fish look great hung in a large net or from the ceiling.

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Greek Pot Workshop

Craft for KidsAnother project was designed to fit in with the school curriculum for Year 3.  A mixed class of girls and boys aged 7 and 8 designed their own Greek pots researching  traditional designs, patterns, shapes and colours. A series of four or five one hour periods were used to achieve these finished pots.  It is advisable when dealing with this age span to allow more sessions of a shorter time allocation.  The teacher can work with the children on these pots between visits so all the children reach the same stage at the same time.

The children were thrilled with the results and so were the parents. The styles, colours and designs were all absolutely authentic and had taught the children a lot about  Greek history and art.

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Butterflies and Solar System Workshops

I also have taught  courses  with holiday and after school clubs and produced many lovely items such as these beautiful butterflies. The children were aged between 5 and 10.  The course was over 2 x 3 hour sessions. This craft for kids session was at an after school club where  I have taught  in Richmond, Surrey.    

Craft for KidsCraft for Kids

A further course taught was to get the children, aged 9, to produce a solar system and man in the moon. A discussion on relative size of the planets and an adherence to proportion was an important feature of the exercise.  The children worked in groups of 2 or 3, so the whole class was involved.   Each child designed their own man in the moon and the more advanced put their moons against  a night sky with stars.

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Dragon Boats

A project devised for a primary school

Dragon Boat papier mache workshopDragon Boat papier mache workshop

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Papier Mache 3D Fish

Unit created within a year 10 Art Certificate

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Primary School Mexican Workshop

Working with 60 children over 2 days. 4 styles devised for Years 3 and 4 Primary school Art week workshop

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Tobias Workshop

Concept of Pop up Book devised to capture the book of Tobias based On "Tobias and the Angel" by Caravaggio

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papier mache workshoppapier mache workshoppapier mache workshop

These seaside themed items were made by a group of 10 year old girls in 2 private sessions (Along with a lot of talking!!)


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If you are based in or around London, you can commission a workshop. Treat your class to a special session of craft for kids with a papier mache display lesson.

Courses start at as little as £75.00  if your provide all the materials. Day courses and distances to commute may increase charges.

Please email ( for more details.

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