Papier Mache Workshops - Learning with Anita

Adult papier mache workshopsAdult papier mache workshops

Above artworks made at Papier Mache Workshops run from my home

Adult papier mache workshops

If you live in London or Surrey and want to learn papier mache sculpture,  email me and I  can run
a workshop or provide private tuition for one person or a group of children or adults.

Learn the skills to create anything your imagination can conjure up. Or perhaps you fancy giving a gift voucher to a friend or relative. Let me know what suits you and I can provide the paper work to give a unique gift.

On Fridays, I am able to do a 2 hour session which will give you the basics for setting up, making glue, advice on purchasing materials & suitable reference books. You will be shown how to commence a project with the advice and instructions to complete the rest on your own at home. I will then be available online or on the phone to give advice if required. Full session cost is £55. Venue: My home. (Richmond, Surrey). Suitable for 1- 3 people.

This is a very personalised session and gives you the know how to start and complete a papier mache sculpture of your choice. I have many papier mache books and we can look at ideas if you are not sure what you want to do or which style grabs you.

Below is a video clip of one of my recent workshops:

"It all started when the papier mache book that sat on my bookshelf jumped out at me one day and I decided  I would try and get some lessons.  I searched the internet and found Anita.  Her website looked fun and when I spoke with her she was very enthusiastic.  I arranged to do 3 workshops and then I contacted a close friend and she said that she was more interested in art classes but she would come along.  She then brought a neighbour that had been confined to her home due to foot injury and thought she might like it.  So we all headed down to Anita not knowing what to expect.  All we can say – It was great fun.  Anita is very motivating and supportive of the very ambitious ideas we had.  All the sessions  were fun and a great time to relax and to be creative.  Not to mention good girl chat!.   Thoroughly recommended.

The piece represents our journey through life -  precarious, unsteady and fraught with difficulty.  The woman is clothed which represents our incongruous attempts to protect ourselves through formality and disguises.   When I sent it to a very dear male  friend he said  “Tell the woman that clothing will never protect her” !

Please take the opportunity to enjoy working with Anita
Joanne Holland
CEO Bowater Building Products


I can also supply references if you would like and for your assurance when working with children, I am CRB checked. If you require further sessions of course you can always come to more!

This art form can be a wonderful therapy for older people who have diminished  sight or are losing their manual hand dexterity through arthritis.  Many have found this  craft a wonderful way to come back to art.  Any age, any ability -  this art technique does not need the traditional artistic  background.

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Other Previous Adult Workshops

papier mache tution Day-of-the-Dead Workshop
Bike Workshop
This bike sculpture was created by one of my students in a one-to-one workshop


Day-of-the-Dead Workshop
The theme of this workshop was Day-of-the-Dead.
Driftwood Lamp Workshop
This workshopwas run for a couple who had collected driftwood and wanted to create a bedside lamp.


Figure Workshop
The aim of this workshop was to teach the use of wire armatures
Papier mache Bowl Workshop
The student wanted to make a papier mache bowl to display her hand made soaps

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My Background

I studied Mexican Papier Mache sculpture for three years at  the Shaftsbury Art College. The course was taught by a Mexican artist who was one of Frida Kahlo's students.  My  tutor had the opportunity  to study papier mache sculpture skills whilst working with Felipe Linares.  It was Pedro Linares  (his father) who invented the "alebrijes"; those fantastical papier mache creatures indigenous to Mexico. I work at a secondary school supporting special needs children and have a lot of experience of looking after and inspiring children of all ages. I am happy to provide workshops at schools,  school clubs with home learners and at colleges.

Papier Mache as an adult at College

It was a strange experience when I entered my first papier mache lesson at college. I had not been a student for many years.

The first thing that happened was that I handed a roll of masking tape and a couple of newspapers. I was then told that I would discover hidden talents...well. I looked around the room bemused...and do you know everyone of us in that class ended up producing  something so special, so enchanting, so unique it was amazing!

Every student began by making their own "Mexican style" creature. 

Once the techniques had been learnt there was the opportunity to follow a set series of projects or to work on one's own personal designs. Other projects included Masks, Box shrines, birds, skeletons, and many more.

Little did I realise how this would all end up......with a lifetime hobby which I spend every spare minute doing. How fortunate I am!

Children's Classes

If you are in education and based in London, would like a starter session why not book a workshop. Perhaps you would like an unusual birthday party for your child, if so, why not have one of my crafts for kids top parties.  If you want your school class to have a unique papier mache workshop they could create a  Greek Pot, Fish, space project or item of your choice.

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