Angels and Fairies

angels and fairiesangels and fairiesangels and fairies

The festive season started my interest in angels and Christmas decorations.  However these angelic hosts need not be kept just for Christmas.  A angel or fairy is suitable all year around!  Papier mache fairies or angels can be made in any colour, adorned with ribbons, materials, feathers, jewels or any other embellishments.  Prices range from £20.00 for a 15 cm  figure to £35 for  a large individualised papier mache figure with face and detail up to 40 cm.  Standard  papier mache angels are between 15 and 20 cm and have wire heads.  They come packaged in a cardboard box with a raffia bow and personalised greeting. This can also include a personal message.

These boxed sets top click to view are £28.00 plus delivery. To order, please please email me at with details of what you require.

Papier mache angels or fairies can be commissioned for a communion or a christening.

Select your colour and choose from a flying , sitting or a still angel or fairy.

Stained Glass and Bejewelled Hanging Guardian Angels

angels and fairies angels and fairies
See full Angel range
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See full Guardian Angel range
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Please take a look at the beautiful collection of angel themed hanging and standing angels, pendants, brooches and angel boxes.

The pretty and light catching Guardian Angel range include hanging hand made stained glass angels in a pearlescent myriad of colours. They include crystal adornments and hung by a natural raffia string for hanging.

Your chosen guardian angel arrives to you gift wrapped. In addition, you will receive an angel prayer, angel blessing or saints card.

Price also includes packing and first class postage within the UK. To order an Angel top click here

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Watercolour Fairies

As fairies have proves so popular, I am now pleased to offer an alternative style:

angels and fairiesangels and fairiesangels and fairies

Please click on these lovely photos to see the delicate detail. You can also notice the fine glitters used to embellish and enhance the picture.
Why not commission a picture of your daughter or loved one as a fairy? The artist will work from a photograph.

Here an auntie commissioned a picture of her niece as a gymnast fairy. The fairy straddles a mushroom and has been produced with the child's face shape, curly brown hair and freckles.  These come in 2 sizes:

Picture size is 178 x 127 mm set in
a double mounted wooden frame size 180 x 130mm.          £59.00
The artists card & biography are enclosed with the gift.
You may also add a personalised message.


Picture Size is 248 x 197 mm set in
a  305 x 254 mm bevel edged card mount on which           £77.50
the artist can write the child's name and special date.
The mount & backed signed watercolour is wrapped in cellophane
with the artists card & biography attached.
You may also add a personalised message.

Alternatively commission an original flower fairy or weather fairy of your choice like the rose fairy and rainbow fairy above. Lyndsay Russell, our watercolour artist,  has recently had a book published and is quickly making a name for herself with her fairies. Before long her paintings may be sought after, so grab yourself a bargain now!!
Prices start at £59.00 for a medium framed fairy as above. Delivery is extra.

To see further examples of watercolours, please visit the top watercolour page.

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Papier Mache Fairies / Angels

angels and fairiesangels and fairies

A new range of pretty coloured fairies/ angels, which can be ordered to match any existing decor or design. Prices start at £25 plus delivery.  These sculptures are approx 20 cm high. All angels or fairies can be made in any colour.

angels and fairiesangels and fairies

Why not hang fairies on your child's bed, your Christmas tree or your dresser.  These enchanting figures are approx. 5" high and can be made to represent any flower fairy or individual design of your choice. The figures can be made with or without wings and are embellished with feathers, small jewels and glitter.  If you would like a face that is also possible. 

Prices from £15 plus delivery.

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

You may also like to look at the top Diorama page as an alternative style to produce a commission, a novelty border can be designed incorporating memorabilia which may include details of your  family tree,  your house or  a child's name. The box could hold a depiction of a fairy, an angel,  Our Lady, a saint or a Christmas nativity scene.

Follow this link to see a figurine of a more top Traditional papier mache angel.

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