Papier mache sculpture of a wedding in Africa. Artist Anita Russell
Papier mache honeymoon scupture Swimming with Dolphins
Hollywood honeymoon memory
Terms and Conditions

© Anita Russell – COPYRIGHT Anita Russell owns the copyright in all works created by her and in all the images and photographs contained within the website.
All rights are reserved. Should you wish to make use of any of the images contained within this website for commercial or any other purpose, please contact Anita Russell to obtain permission. There may be a charge.

If you are commissioning a piece, in most cases, Anita is happy to provide free initial designs. She normally works from photos or sketches and does her designs in Microsoft paint. Most designs can be done from anywhere in the world by email. There is then a chance to change details and colour scheme. She may ask for photos of colour schemes and clothes.  Any photos will be returned or deleted when a job is completed.
If you wish for a photo disc of the stages this is possible for a small charge,

When commissioning, you will be given a guideline price before the design stage.
You will then usually give a final quote and deadline with the designs including packing and delivery charges.
On acceptance of a design, you will be asked for 50 % of the money as a deposit to begin the commission.
When the work is completed you will be emailed with a  picture of the final item.

If you want to have a personalised message it should be emailed at this stage.
When you have seen and approved the final item the balance is then due plus any delivery or packing charges.
This is when the balance has to be paid. If you are late picking up an item it will still be invoiced at completion.
A photograph will be sent for your approval before the item is varnished.
Once the varnish is applied no changes can be made.
On receipt of the balance, the item will be packed and delivered to you by courier or First class post as specified. Wherever possible, Anita will try to avoid delivery charges and hand deliver or agree a meeting.
Work is often packed up and sent abroad if possible with a tracker (if available) and always there is adequate insurance.

Papier mache honeymoon memory by Anita Russell

If by chance any item is lost in transit (and they have always turned up safe), then a  three month gap will be enforced before remaking to allow for delayed post.  The artist will remake the item but there may be artistic changes from the original and there will be a delay.

Each item is a one off and no two items will ever be exactly the same.
You will be asked to create a personal message and title for the reverse.
No refunds will be given. Any damages can be repaired at any time for a small hourly fee.
We suggest you gently dust the item and you additionally wipe it with a wet cloth.

Completion timing
Artworks need a lot of drying time. However, do not despair, if timing is tight, a teaser can be made for the recipient in the form of a posted card complete with photos you provide. Many clients come across the site and think ‘too late’. Well not necessarily at all! Nearly half of the clients are late for the day. So an intriguing Teaser design service has been devised which is free. This adds intrigue and is fun. The recipient knows someone has put a lot of thought into the gift.
The card includes this personalised message:
Happy Anniversary !!  As this is a very important date,  our ‘PAPER’ Anniversary, an original  gift has been specially commissioned from a unique and original gallery…..please be patient it will be worth the wait!  Sometimes the best presents take that little bit longer!


Honeymoon and wedding memento in papier mache by Anita Russell

A deposit is taken for half the money on reserving a space.
Workshops are small with a maximum of three persons.
Workshops are for groups of friends or individuals.
Anita is CRB checked and used to working with children.
She has a current First Aid certificate.

If you are within fifteen minutes late, she will delay the start.
The workshop may run over the time.  Anita is happy to be available online to help you finish your work at home.
Not all persons work at the same speed and it may be you wish to continue in your own time.

Parking is free outside and there is transport to a short distance away.
If you get ill and cannot make the date, Anita is happy to move the date. Please allow two days notice.
The deposit is non refundable.

A voucher can be produced so that a workshop can be given as a gift.
Payment must be in advance.
Prices start at £50.
Workshops are normally two hours long.





Gifts are posted first Class.
We use your shipping address on PayPal.
If an item is broken in transit, please send a photo and it will be replaced.
One item has broken in twenty years and one item has not arrived.