Paper Anniversary Gift
Birthday gift, papier mache sculpture
Day of dead sculpture Anita Russell
Welcome to Driftwood Dreams, a cornucopia of creative Papier Mache sculpture and Papiér Mâché Art

Anita Russell is a well known papier mache artist. Her Papier Mache sculpture commissions let you recreate a memorable trip, holiday or honeymoon, capturing a special moment in time forever. Working from photos, Anita creates a living memory for all time. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.  If you are looking for one-year anniversary gift ideas, how ideal is a gift entirely made of paper. Your paper anniversary present can thank a loved one for the best year ever.  The diverse scope for papier mache sculpture includes gifts for communions, confirmations, christenings as well as portraits of your pet, house or your fantasy dream. Theatre and  TV  props can also be commissioned to create the image you just cannot find. Anita can restore or replicate a treasured papier mache item as if it was never damaged, just email her on the contacts page and discuss your requirements.

Truly a Bird of Paradise Papier mache by Anita Russell

Anita’s Papier Mache creations are very diverse. A 26 inch Papier Mache Alistair Darling money box for Channel 5, a large 3d shell wedding seating plan or a Tableau showing a couple swimming with dolphins. Her tableaux have relief backgrounds set all over the globe;
these have included the Trevi fountain, Florence churches and Moroccan dancers  being featured in various tableaux . Depending on where you require the tableau to be set, research will ensure the background is accurate. Many are memories of a honeymoon and produced for wedding anniversaries. Paper being your first one! Anita incorporates china and other items to suit any anniversary.  Starting in 1999, Anita won several awards and her Bird of Paradise shown here was featured at the V & A Museum. She won a place through the colleges competition, ‘Inspired by…’. She was inspired by the birds sewn on kimonos in the Oriental Galleries.

Alistair Darling was commissioned to be used by Channel five in their coverage of the budget.
From theatrical TV props and masks to driftwood based coastal beach sculptures and Anniversary tableaux these sculptures tell their own individual story. A lot of research and skulduggery goes on to find many facts to show a degree of accuracy with place, costume and facial features so as to make these characters realistic.

Papier Mache Alistair Darling by Anita Russell
Conjure up that memory of one blissful moment in time capturing it forever.

There is really no limit to what Anita can create. Anniversary gifts really suit this medium. After all your First Anniversary present should be a paper gift. Each paper anniversary gift commission is truly personal, created with passion, imagination and insight resulting in a harmony of happiness, fun, colour and style. The versatility and variety shown are representative of Anita loving a challenge.


Inspired by Mexican folklore, particularly shrines created for their loved ones, Anita Russell enjoys creating living memories in relief and 3d Papier Mache with her dioramas. Whilst at college she studied Mexico and the artists work. The bright colours and use of relief work create a unique gift.

Proposal sculpture made of Papier Mache
Trevi fountain first paper anniversary sculpture

After many years of business, Anita added a religious range to her work. Please visit the online shop to purchase unique communion crosses and stunning ethereal angels to celebrate births, communions, christenings and confirmations as well as occasions to remember with love.

Come to Richmond and learn the skill of Papier Mache

Attend a small papier mache workshop dedicated to teaching you creative originality as you design and implement your own sculpture. Set in her lovely old cottage, Anita takes small groups of one,  two or three people and engages, encourages and embraces imaginative creativity whilst sharing the skills of papier mache sculpture . All sessions are relaxed and fun,  accompanied by a glass of wine, fresh brewed coffee, chat and amusement as you unleash your inner creativity. Her speciality is working on driftwood. This skeleton was completed in one two hour session and is La Catrina a well known icon in Mexican folk art. The completion would continue at another session or at an individual’s home allowing for drying time.

Papier mache workshop with Anita Russell- Driftwood Dreams