Confirmation gift, Personalised papier mache diorama

These diorama boxes could depict a scene from your life accompanied with relevant provided memorabilia (tickets, postcards, photos, buttons etc.) surrounding the outer edge. A more specialised and creative gift can be achieved with a few emails. This confirmation gift was full of symbols and memories that the recipient would recognise. A personal message and date on the back add to the meaningfulness of the giving.

This addition to tableaux, adds a new and fascinating medium lending itself perfectly to incorporating Papier Mache and Mosaic. A religious diorama is a rather special way to treasure a religious event, showing your love and care for the recipient.  Anita has made pieces for convents, schools, nuns, priests, communicants and those celebrating christenings, baptisms, confirmations and first holy communions.

madonna and child diorama made of papier mache