Papier Mache Boats

Now that Ellen McArthur has sailed into the record books, we all need to be reminded of our best days afloat! If you would like a replica of your favourite sailing yacht, dinghy or boat then you can commission a papier mache boat on a plain painted background or piece of driftwood.  These can be very detailed and sculptured or smaller and simpler.

These boats are completely made of papier mache on a sculptured sea with details like clouds, sun, or a moon.  I have done several commissions for papier mache sculptures of yachts.  I give great attention to detail  down to actual ropes which pull in the jib and mainsail.

These papier mache replicas can be personalised with your sail number and the colour of your sailing jacket and lifejacket.  Your sailing club insignia can even be put on the top of the mast !

Each papier mache piece is varnished with several layers of yacht varnish which ensures its preservation as a family heirloom.

The making of "Soufflé"

papier mache sailing boat sculpturepapier mache sailing boat sculpturepapier mache sailing boat sculpture

Here are the stages from photo to finished item.  These are normally wall hanging and can be personalised or hung with old rope.

Commissions for yachts start at £180.00 upwards plus delivery.  I can work from photos.


papier mache sailing boat sculpture Fastnet Rock Sailing Race

This depicts a boat in the 2005 Fastnet Race. Commissioned for Christmas, this boat "Dirty Thirty" is complete with three crew and correct sail numbers, logos & details.

I worked from photos from the race. Special attention was given to prevailing winds, how the sails would be and where the rock and lighthouse would be in the race.

The boat is set on a large piece of driftwood about 50 cm square. Please get in touch to discuss timings and costs

papier mache sailing boat sculpture Rounding the Mark

Based on Cornish sailing scenes with pretty Mousehole style cottages in background.

Boats can be personalised with your sail number and colour schemes.

papier mache sailing boat sculpture Ellanore Ahead

As a member of top West Wittering Sailing Club,  I have enjoyed many years of racing around the marks of Chichester Harbour.  This papier mache piece depicts a dinghy about to tack around West Wittering South, one of the marks used by the local sailing clubs.  Often, one has to sail close into the shore which is hairy! & shallow! but gives one the best advantage for tacking to the finish line.  The wood used was actually found on the shingle at Ellanore Spit and the boat has the proper rigging including main and jib sheet.  Also see the top West Wittering sailing mirror
Dimensions: 26cm height x 57cm wide.  For Sale:  £165.00 plus delivery

papier mache sailing boat sculpture Manta rays through turquoise blue

This design was to celebrate a honeymoon on Whitsunday Islands Australia.  Elizabeth loved the tranquillity of the sea in her sculpture Which included the rock where the proposal had taken place. The client was happy as the final sculpture captured the peace and serenity she remembered.

"I love it, it looks amazing and exactly as I imagined! Thank you!"        Elizabeth M.


papier mache sailing boat sculpture Moonshine on Sussex Shores

This has a mixture of ceramic pieces and papier mache and was produced for a 9th Wedding Anniversary (pottery).

All the pieces of driftwood, shells and crockery were found on the beach in Sussex and were a wonderful memory of a honeymoon in England for an American couple.

Please get in touch to discuss timings and costs.

papier mache sailing boat sculpture Diorama

This papier mache diorama is based on the small  papier mache scenes depicted in Victorian Times. Charming papier mache room sets and tableaux  were put in decorated boxes to display.

The dimensions of the inner box are  50 mm x 90 mm, which is surrounded by a border of 50 mm width edged with old rope.  The papier mache border is festooned with netting encasing shells. A lovely throwback to the days of ephemera.

Guide Price for similar item £85.00 plus delivery.

papier mache sailing boat sculpture Tossed by the Wind

Every  papier mache piece I do is  signed and titled and often hung with old sailing rope found on the shore. Some of my recent titles have been top Misty Moonbeam and "Where Still Waters Run Deep".  These titles add to the mystique and story of the artwork.

Dimensions: 16 cm x 16 cm
Guide Price: From £55.00 plus delivery


Quotations can be given quite easily from a simple description. So  please email me now at

The papier mache boats can also be done around a clock or mirror as in top Rounding the Mark.  The mirror could also be set on driftwood.  Any detail of local buoys or marks can also be added.
This makes for a very unique personalised gift.  Recently I keep seeing wooden mass manufactured boats  flooding into the shops so I am really happy to be able to offer something  far more original.

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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