Portrait of your home

Moving house? It is not only hard work but also a major milestone in your life. So why not commission a sculpture or watercolour of your home to celebrate your move?

This all started when a good friend of mine was searching around for a a special gift to give to someone in the village of Itchenor, West Sussex and asked if I would create a 3D portrait of her friend's home in papier mache. I was really pleased with the result and as a consequence have created further home sculptures.

"Anchor Cottage"

House portrait, Itchenor

The picturesque cottage has a gorgeous anchor prominently displayed in the garden and naturally, I made this the focal point of the portrait.

To make the sculpture truly local, the portrait was built up from a base made of driftwood picked up in the local harbour

House protrait, Itchinor


House portraitI particularly enjoyed doing this tableau sculpture of a couple's adored garden complete with rabbit and magpie. Incorporating chin in the path to form a mosaic and driftwood in the tree stump.

I have now a plan to do further home and building portraits.


Here are some beach hut sculptures made of papier mache.

West Wittering Beach Huts

Beach huts on driftwood

Here is another lovely idea, on the left a personalised papier mache beach hut. This has a label made from driftwood. Set on an actual piece of driftwood this is a very attractive wall hung sculpture. On the right a row of beach huts set on driftwood. Commissions start at £65.00 for an A5 size artwork.

If you would like a sculpture of your home, please email anita@driftwood-dreams.co.uk. To give you an idea of other buildings that form background to tableau's include the top Duomo in Florence, a top hotel in England, top tropical beach hut and the top Manhattan skyline.

I can portray an entire street or even a village. A village pond or statue can be incorporated even if in real life it is not there. Animals, people, children, bikes -you name it- it can be incorporated, to realise a moment in time. Have you photo of an old property you loved? I can bring it back to life adding roses on the walls, a car in the drive, or any memorabilia from any moment in history or any other item you desire. I can produce the house of your dreams as a promise for the future or the home from your past to relive old memories.

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Watercolour house portraitWatercolour House Portrait

If you prefer a painting to a sculpture, why not commission a watercolour from one of Driftwood Dream's artists?  Lyndsay Russell will provide you with a memorable portrait of your home painted in her own unique style.

All paintings come with a personalised label such as this one. This creates a very poignant and thoughtful moment as the gift is given.
The paintings can be optionally mounted or framed.

Prices start at £95.00 with a mount and personalised message. To see further examples of watercolours, please visit the top watercolour page

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