Papier Mache and Sculpture

Customers tell me that my papier mache sculptures provide unusual and striking ornaments for their home or even toys for your children.  So, please let me turn your imagination into a reality. 

I am happy to take commissions for similar papier mache works personalised to your requirement. A price guide is always given as an indication of cost.  The actual price will depend on the details of the commission.


My daughter has been competing in Acrobatic Gymnastics since she was nine years old.

"Acro" is not only the oldest gymnastics discipline, but also the most beautiful and exciting to watch. Partnerships of two, three or in the case of men, four gymnasts perform a two and a half minute floor routine doing dynamic moves, such as somersaults or balancing moves such as the move depicted on the left.

When my daughter was the smallest and on top of the trio, "Pyramid" was always the move I dreaded watching most. It was rarely completely stable and for a little one, it was a long way to fall to the ground.

This sculpture was made in a workshop taken by Dominique Holt. Using a wire armature to create a skeleton, the bones were then covered with mod roc. The sculpture was completed with black and bronze paint.

Shell Sculpture Shell Sculpture

At a further workshop by Dominique Holt, I created this shell using wire and modroc. I love the feel of the shell tossed by water and winds to form an organic shape, still recognisable and beautiful though broken and worn away.

This is still a work in progress. I may paint it or leave it as plaster as my mood dictates.

papier mache sculpture Antigua

"Antigua" was displayed at the Victoria & Albert Museum and is presently for sale. This papier mache piece was selected as part of the Inspirations exhibition at the V & A in 2002 and was displayed in the Textiles Gallery in its own case for several months. This was inspired by  a 1930's  tapestry of bathers in the South of France. Tiny jewels, beads, pearly surf and shells adorn the piece and give it a very stylised finish. If you love the Caribbean, this will be your own mini beach 24/7! Dimensions: 24 cm high x 58 cm wide x 36 cm deep. This actual piece is For sale complete with V & A paperwork:  £290.00 plus delivery.

Last year,  I  had another papier mache sculpture of a beautiful eastern bird accepted for an exhibition at the V&A.  Follow this top link to see this and other Mexican style fantastical creatures and further sculptures.

papier mache sculpture Pajandrum

"Pajandrum" was inspired by an Indian Silk Cushion Cover (also for sale). I enjoyed doing the intricate Indian style paintwork on the blanket.
The painting  technique is very detailed and matches the cushion beautifully. The elephant sits on a piece of driftwood and is a solid weighted piece made using a mould covered with papier mache.

Dimensions:  20 cm high  x25cm wide  x 30 cm long

For Sale:   Elephant and Cushion Cover : £99.00 plus delivery


papier mache sculpture Marbled Angel Fish

Here is one of a large range of fish sculptures which I have created and set on sea-worn driftwood.  I spent a lot of time studying fish patterns and came up with a lovely replica of an exotic angel fish. This would be a lovely piece to grace your home and would fit in with neutral decor.   Follow this top Link to view other fish sculptures

Dimension:  29cm height x 15cm.   
Cost for Similar Item: £75.00 plus delivery

papier mache sailing boat mask Deco Mask

This mask is based on a design I saw for  a masked ball in the 1930's.  The mask is adorned with jewels and feathers.  This has been in an  Exhibition at The Parkshot Centre in Richmond.

I am always happy to discuss a design with you.   I worked hard on the quality of finish and the mask is extremely strong.  I have researched masks in great detail and have written a paper on Masks and their history including the psychological aspects of  "hiding behind the mask".  It is an area I love and as I studied Theatre at University have a great affinity with.

Any design of mask can be commissioned, prices start at £55 for a half mask up to £120 for a very complicated Venetian painted mask. 

For Sale:  £95.00 plus delivery.

papier mache sculpture Robin

This papier mache Robin has its beak thrown back and breast puffed out to sing. I believe in studying animals carefully and researching to get details accurate, especially  in pieces based on nature.  

Dimension: 17cm height x 15cm.

For Sale: £55.00 plus delivery.   The bird can also be purchased in a cage for £75.00
The cage is a bronze metal.


papier mache sculpture Ballerina

This papier mache Ballerina is a small enchanting figure which would delight any young girl besotted with dance. 

The painting detail on the bodice is really very intricate and pretty.   

Dimension: 21cm height x 20cm wide.  Guide price: £55.00


Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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