"Sea Inspired" Seascapes Wall Hangings and Plaques

Below are just some of the sea inspired commissions based on a sea theme.

"Inspired by the Sea" became the theme of my 2003 exhibition and It was a really successful show attracting a lot of interest. My stands were adorned with flotsam and jetsam...you could practically smell the salt! 

papier mache art Ellanore

As a member of top West Wittering Sailing Club,  I have enjoyed many years of racing around the marks of Chichester Harbour.  This piece depicts a dinghy about to tack around West Wittering South, one of the marks used by the local sailing clubs.  Often, one has to sail close into the shore which is hairy! & shallow!   However this gives one the best advantage for tacking to the finish line.  Many a time I have tacked too late!!

The wood used was actually found on the shingle at Ellanore Spit and the boat has the proper rigging including main and jib sheet.  Also see the top West Wittering sailing mirror.

Dimensions: 26cm height x 57cm wide
For Sale:  £165.00 plus delivery.

papier mache art Beacon of Hope

This was an inspired piece of wood which needed no painting.  When I discovered this bit of wood on the seashore I was immediately captivated and knew what I would do. The colours matched sea and sky beautifully.  The 3d lighthouse contrasts the softness of the wood and is a replica of a real lighthouse on the South coast of England.  The texture and layering of the wood give an organic 'back to nature' feel to the piece.

Dimensions: 32cm height x 25cm wide
For Sale:  £55.00 plus delivery.

Similar commissions from £50.00


papier mache art

Misty Moonbeam

This name and design has been a great favourite of mine!  The title came from an old sloop moored off Chichester Harbour and the wood itself may well be from an old boat!  The  original paint still on the driftwood gives a mysterious and arty mood to the small fishing or rowing boat moored to a sea-worn smooth  piece of driftwood. A silvery moon shines over the scene to highlight the features reflected on the sea.

Please  enlarge this plaque to view how the driftwood paint wash in the background is reminiscent of the clouds found in a mackerel sky - so  typical of an English summer.

Dimensions: 12cm height x 18cm wide
Guide price for a similar commission: £55.00 plus delivery.

papier mache art Christmas Card

This was my families' personal 2003 Christmas Card. The work was e mailed around the world and also photographed & printed on card to post to my friends and family.

A typical cost for a similar piece would be £50 plus delivery.
Why not commission your own Christmas card next year?

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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