Wall Plaques

People tell me it is truly original to have a papier mache sculpture on your wall. 
The 3D images create a feeling of space and distance.  And,  as we all have limited space on our mantel or sideboard, this is a great idea for  decor.

By commissioning  a papier mache piece, you can choose your own  colours, shape,  subject matter & size to fit where ever you want.  For far less than a painting,  you can have a papier mache sculpture that is more original, more colourful, and definitely more eye-catching.

Papier mache wall hangings provide a genuine work of art for your home.  My house is a cornucopia of colour and life with several of my papier mache pieces proudly hung up.

Most of the examples shown below are all papier mache wall plaques and sculptures that have been previously sold.  

I am more than happy to take commissions for similar papier mache works personalised to your requirement. I have given a price guide as an indication of cost.  The actual price will depend on the details of the commission.

papier mache wall art Fish Vase

This wacky and vibrant papier mache vase is wall mounted in a corner making a focal point for the room.                    

The owner had some lovely paper flowers but nowhere to display them.  I came up with this vase idea as a bestial version of the cornucopia (complete with fins ). 

I was inspired by the Alebrije Mexican sculpture technique and lovely paint details found in South America..

Dimensions: 90cm height x 25cm wide x 16cm depth
Guide price for a similar commission: £250.00 plus delivery

(This item is not suitable for shipping abroad).


papier mache wall art Diver

I created the papier mache Diver as a birthday present for someone who had spent many holidays diving in the Maldives and needed an every day reminder of his favourite past time. A great diversion from his homework!

Dimensions: 14cm height x 35cm width
Guide price for a similar commission: £85.00 plus delivery


papier mache wall art On the Rocks

On the Rocks was created after a particularly windy visit to Selsey Bill in West Sussex.  It features actual driftwood and forms part of a series of papier mache fishing pictures.  The boat is tied on with real rope found on the beach and the fish bobs up and down on a bendy wire. The detail of the oilskin and sou'wester is based on accurate research. I wanted to conjure up holidays as a child down by the seaside.  This could be memories from a long  forgotten era or a reminder of your holiday last year. Either way,  those who love the familiar coastal past times,  will find this a friendly reminder of salty escapades.

Dimensions: 30cm height x 30 cm width
Guide price for a similar commission: £185.00 Plus delivery

papier mache wall art Flying Geese

Flying Geese was a commission I did for the chimney breasts of a fireplace of an early Victorian artisan's dwelling called "Goose Cottage".

I wanted to make a rather tasteful update of the old 3 geese flying on the wall! The colours are all muted to fade into the beauty of the sea worn wood.

Dimensions: 40cm height x 8cm wide each
Guide price for a similar commission: £135.00  plus delivery


papier mache wall art Violet Haze Beneath the Waves

Dimensions:  22 cm x 30 cm
For Sale
: £45.00   plus delivery.

papier mache wall art Caught in a Sivery Thread

Here are two purple fish, one mounted on driftwood, one caught in a net.
The fish on the left uses a new technique I discovered using a finish collaged with tissue papers and glitter. The fish is set on driftwood with a very pretty shimmery,  warm pink and purple patina.

"Caught" was inspired by the 60's versions of winding string and cotton around nails to make a picture & I used a fine silver cotton to weave the fishing net on nails.

Dimensions: 35cm height x 40cm width
Guide price for a similar commission: £65.00 each plus delivery

I am only too happy to work from a photo of some special place you know or love.  Why not commission your  own  or your child's favourite place?

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Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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