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Alastair Darling receives sculpture

My Alastair Darling money box has now been presented to Mr Darling himself. Channel 5 presented him to the Treasurer as a keepsake. Alastair apparently was pleased with the gift and intends to display it at Number 11. I am pleased that this sculpture has been given a suitable home to go to!

Five Live describes the coverage, "The Five News Alistair Darling money box has caused a bit of a stir. The two foot papier mache model became a minor celebrity around the budget as he popped up in pubs, petrol forecourts and next to fancy cars".

Read on to find out the full story............

Budget 2008

This has been a busy week. My recent Papier Mache Sculpture of Alastair Darling for channel 5 News, Budget coverage has become a celebrity.

The character was featured on many of 5 news' bulletins during the day and caught the eye of many newspapers including the Telegraph Business News and the front page of the Metro. He was also featured as the masthead for the channel 5 budget news on their website and as the masthead for the TV coverage of the budget. Matt Etheridge, a Channel 5 news producer, commissioned the sculpture and was praised for his innovative idea. He described the coverage as a 'triumph'.

This sculpture hit the spot, symbolising the current media descriptions journalists have used lately to describe Mr Darling. Why, even last November, Charles Giovanni Vanzan Coutinho, a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, wrote:

"The front bench of the self proclaimed, 'Ministry of All Talents', has proven to be a damp squib, if not a complete joke. With the Iron Chancellor, being succeeded by the papier-mache Chancellor (Alistair Darling), as being the most illustrative instance of worthlessness of the current cabinet."

If you missed all the fun, catch the video here.>>news coverage

Here is a clip from one of the newspaper articles which covered it.

Ham Artist Anita Russell Makes Chancellor

Channel 5 lampoons DarlingThe sculpture measures 21" high and is very strong. The television company filmed the darling little fellow in numerous situations including Downing Street, a pub, a grassy "green" venue, by an expensive car, as well as many other situations. Click and enlarge this thumbnail to see where 'Alastair' was filmed.

Press coverageThe press had a field day and  when he turned up for filming outside 11 Downing Street, the photographers went crazy. When the team returned to Downing Street on the afternoon of the budget, the press officers were not amused and asked the little fellow and his crew to leave with a stern "No stunts" message.



How was He made?

Alastair Darling SculptureAnita at workAlastair was finished and mached completely of Financial Times. I find this the strongest and best way to complete my sculptures. He was made as a 'piggy bank' money box, with a hole in his head.  I started with two balloons, so one could truly say he was a bit of an 'airhead'.

After completing him, I took him on a walk around the common near where I live, taking photos of him in different venues. I certainly got some interesting looks.

Here I am finishing him off! This was a seriously rushed job and I was busy painting all through the Saturday night before the budget



The Londonist featured the picture as their lead story (see below) and the Telegraph featured the model in

their 'Picture of the Day', captured by photographers outside 11 Downing street. The Metro, London's biggest circulation free paper, captured it on their front page with the headline:  "It's true, he really is a puppet chancellor".

It was  good that this papier mache sculpture was featured on the front page of March 15th edition of The Richmond and Twickenham times, as it gave a bit of the story behind the sculpture and how I have found the whole experience.

The story continues on numerous websites and has quite a cult following.


Comments on Channel 5's website include:

Comment: Alan: Wednesday, 12 March
Brilliant, saw model in paper - spitting image of the darling.

Comment: Vicki: Thursday 13 March 2008
Genius! I saw it on the front cover of the metro but didn't know who it was.

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