9th Anniversary Gifts - Pottery

The ninth anniversary is pottery. This is a wonderful anniversary for my style of work and an ideal present to celebrate the anniversary of your ninth year of your marriage.

A recent anniversary mixed media mosaic commission involved a free hanging mosaic heart utilising pieces of beautiful pottery, many pieces with real 1930's designs. This was hung in the front of a metal edged  3 dimensional box frame lined with poetry quotes and dates, names and details embellished with jewels and glitter.

The message on the back was edged with red and the piece was hung with red cord. This was my first attempt at mosaic and shows I am always willing to try out new designs to answer your brief.

Or maybe, you would just like a pottery heart. Just email me (anita@driftwood-dreams.co.uk) to discuss your very own commission.

Prices for this sort of design are from £75.00 and the size is about 8" - 10" square although frames vary as to what I have in stock.

Wood 9th anniversary giftWood 9th anniversary giftWood 9th anniversary gift

Wood 9th anniversary giftI can utilise water worn pottery in many of my sculptures.  For example, nearly all of my unique wall sculptures of boats are made from pottery.  These are very attractive and quaint and so suitable for traditional anniversary gifts. I even have made boats from famous porcelain such as Meissen!

Wood 9th anniversary gift

The commission on the right actually incorporated shells and sand from a favourite beach as well as a label mounted on the back with a personal message to your loved one.

Wood 9th anniversary giftWood 9th anniversary gift

For more examples of my use of pottery, have a look at my ceramic boats

Of course, it doesn't have to be a boat or a seascape!  There are so many ways I could incorporate pottery into one of my papier mache sculptures to reflect the tradition required for a pottery anniversary present.

In fact it could add an interesting texture to the artwork. 

This web site has many replicas of actual couple's and their pursuits. To view them, please browse the links below as well as the top Weddings, top Mirrors and the top Sports sculpture . Similar ideas to these could be suitable for any anniversary.

So if you are looking for unusual ninth anniversary gift ideas, please email me (anita@driftwood-dreams.co.uk) me to discuss a commission.

I am also always available to have an informal discussion or to suggest a commission for you to think about.

Please follow the links below  for some examples of other traditional anniversary gifts.  Remember,  I can always incorporate pearls, rubies, leather, diamonds as appropriate to suit your anniversary.

Perhaps you may be interested in an alternative romantic gift such as a watercolour, silhouette or love song. If so, please click top Romantic Presents

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