Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Looking for creative first wedding anniversary gifts? These anniversary gifts or plaques are personalised presents to your loved one that show you have gone that extra mile to produce a truly original gift to celebrate the anniversary of the day of your marriage. A gift suitable for both men and women using 'paper', 'china' or any other symbol indicative of the year? Then commission a specially designed papier mache tableau, a personalised watercolour or a unique silhouette.

Anniversary Personalised Gift Ideas

Personalised first wedding anniversary gifts come in four distinct mediums. As well as creating my unique papier mache anniversary plaques, I have teamed up with three other artists to offer watercolour paintings, Victorian style silhouettes and the chance to commission you very own love song. Please click on the pictures below to take you to look at Anniversary sculptures, Silhouettes or Watercolour examples.

Honeymoon in HollywoodAnniversary giftAnniversary giftAnniversary gift

Commissioning a gift could not be easier. Email or phone me with a suggestion and I will make your idea a reality. I can do a tableau design online in a matter of days and can send a teaser for the day if you are running late. If time is of the essence the watercolours and silhouettes are faster. Please click on any picture to enlarge.

All our artists have a flare for the creative and a desire to give you what you want. Any of these anniversary gifts would be perfect as a traditional anniversary gift and a heirloom to keep on your wall for life.

Papier Mache Anniversary Sculptures

Look through the links from the drop-down at the top of the page to view a selection of papier mache sculptures for different anniversary celebrations that will inspire you with a broad variety of anniversary gift ideas. There is now a top world gallery where you can click on a continent and see sculptures commissioned similar to your own holiday or honeymoon.

Two very different honeymoons are featured below; Italy (left) and Tahiti (centre). Both were commissioned online by sending jpg attachments and by the creation of a design online. The Trevi Fountain shows how the papier mache can create statues and waterfalls. Tahit features a driftwood border which can be added.You can follow this link to learn more about the design process top Design. Remember the design is a free stage and no commitment is expected till you say "go ahead". The design is created in 'paint' and gives you an idea of content, positioning and colour. Customers will get a good idea of the design but are always amazed at the final quality as it is so much better.

Anniversary present Tahiti anniversary giftpaper anniversary gift

Please follow this link to see some feedback.  My clients are delighted by the  actual 3d effect which cannot really be captured in the photos. Many tableaux are wall hanging and come with a personalised message on the reverse. they actually are never deeper than a couple of inches but this gives a fantastic originality to capturing your special moment.As you can see, you can also have a 3d sculpture such as this husband reclining on his deckchair

Anniversary presentanniversary gift

Shown here are only a small selection of the many papier mache sculptures that have been created over the last 10 years. Please click top here to see our world globe where you can travel to your honeymoon destination and see sculptures that have been commissioned from that region.

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Papier Mache Sculptures

Anniversary presentPaper anniversary present

Two ideas, "The Golden Gate- memories of a great honeymoon and (right) a complete fantasy....where a mother in California approached me with this novel idea, as a present to the her son in law and daughter....................with the couple as mermaid and merman!  It was a great success.

If a design is briefed and it requires long distance postage, a lighter weight backboard is used and the figures are made in a more robust way to allow for delivery. Typically delivery and packaging will add about £30 for this size item to get to America including a tracker and insurance. A lot of my work is couriered or if possible we try to meet up.

To see other clocks  please follow these links top Honeymoon in Australia and top Down in the Marvellous Deep

It is always advisable to use bright colours and think of an interesting background.
The best sculptures are those which have an interesting theme going on.

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

On approval of a design, with a few amendments perhaps, the client is then happy to go ahead.  This is  because they have a good idea of what the final piece will look like.  These particular designs above were all done on computer by email.

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Weddings and Anniversaries Around the World

I have been asked to create commissions depicting weddings and honeymoons throughout the world.Clickto pick your continent below to view the images of Driftwood Dream couples celebrating their love around the globe.

North EuropeSouth EuropeAfrica
AsiaAustralia and Pacific Islands


A recent anniversary mixed media mosaic commission involved a free hanging mosaic heart utilising pieces of beautiful pottery, many pieces with real 1930's designs. This was hung in the front of a metal edged  3 dimensional box frame lined with poetry quotes and dates, names and details embellished with jewels and glitter.

The message on the back was edged with red and the piece was hung with red cord. This was my first attempt at mosaic and shows I am always willing to try out new designs to answer your brief.

Or maybe, you would just like a pottery mosaic heart. Just email me to discuss your very own commission.

Prices for this sort of design are approx £75.00 and the size is about 8" square although frames vary as to what I have in stock.

romantic heart giftromantic heart giftromantic heart present

For more examples click top Mosaics. Maybe you have a special poem that means a lot to you. These frames enclose a 3d heart paper heart hanging in front of a collage of a memorable poem "Let me count the ways". I can work with you designing an artwork which best cases your favourite item or memory.

Just email me or phone me to discuss.

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Themed Tableau

Some of my customer prefer sporting themes or wish to include their pets. For further sports & interests please visit the top sports page or click on the following links to see an example:

top Sailing top Diving top Rowing top Rugby top Skiing top Fishing top Balloning top Animals & Pets

Please visit my top Paper first anniversary page  by following this link to see many replicas of actual couple's and their weddings, honeymoons and other pursuits. This style would lend itself to be suitable for any anniversary. For further examples please also look at top Paper anniversary gifts by following this link. On both pages you will find tableaux of couples and individuals visiting around the world. Be sure to visit both.

There are two further commissions on the top Mirror page which may interest you. A rugby mirror and a mirror from Vancouver each produced for an anniversary.

You may also like to look at the top Diorama page as an alternative style to produce your commission, a novelty border can be designed incorporating memorabilia of your honeymoon, your wedding or your meeting.  The box could hold a depiction of the two of you, a special place or your first home.

I am always available by e mail or phone to have an informal discussion or to suggest a commission for you to think about. Follow the  links at the chart at the bottom of the page for some examples for traditional anniversary gifts.  Remember I can always incorporate pearls, rubies, leather, diamonds as appropriate to suit your anniversary.

List of Traditional Gifts for Wedding Anniversary. Please follow the links to learn more:

Year Traditional Anniversary Gift
1st top Paper
3rd top Glass
5th top Wood
9th top Pottery
15th top Crystal
20th top China
25th top Silver
50th top Gold

Follow the above links for some examples for traditional anniversary gifts. 
Remember, I can incorporate pearls, rubies, leather, diamonds, or anything else as appropriate, to suit any anniversary.

Perhaps you may be interested in an alternative romantic gift such as a watercolour or silhouette. If so, click top Romantic Presents

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