Life Keepsakes - The Ideal 40th and 50th Birthday present

How do you celebrate a momentous birthday or occasion?  or a lifetime of memories?

A recent commission, inspired by Louise Bourgeois' installations, gives the perfect diorama or memento mori to draw a lifetime of memories together.

Life-in-a-boxI was given a box of buttons, a doll and numerous other memories to place in the box. Facts ranging from favourite colour, favourite  artists, facts about relatives, and personal memories helped me design a memory chest in the form of a box.

The baby represented the fact that the lady had been adopted and the baby comes out to reveal two women; her adopted mother and her real mother. The box is interactive in that items can be removed.

The 3d treasure also included a school badge and ring, a papier mache replica of a cat, African mask and angel and some 1950's sewing patterns. These various facets of her life were incorporated into a 3D montage. 

Your life in a boxEach symbol was steeped in personal meaning and memory. Please look at the close up here to see more detail.

Prices for a "Life in a Box" Sculpture start at £150. This includes a detailed interview, phone call/fact finding session.
The size would be approximately 12" x 9". This is dependent on what you require in it. This includes making at least three papier mache items for memories and all the details I source and provide such as stones, leaves, and other materials relevant to your theme. In this case, I sourced a miniature dress making model and made a papoose for the baby and used an antique hook to hang the baby. The price also includes a design as a start to the process.

life in a boxHere is a first design which was the start of the interaction between the artist and the client. This was a useful tool to start the ball rolling and to provide scope for discussion.

The final box is a huge success and the lady says it provides a fantastic talking point in her house and visitors are fascinated to know about the relevance of every tiny detail. A genealogist's dream!!

This could also be used to collect together memories of a  sporting career including medals and newspaper clippings or any other particular interest. Rather than keeping those items in a forgotten drawer, display them with pride. This would also suit a Silver or Golden Wedding anniversary or even a Wedding present.

Please follow the link to top commissions to answer any queries you may have on commissioning an item, choosing an ideas, creating a design, requirements, payments, delivery and any other questions you might have.

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