Romantic Presents - special gifts for him and her

Personalised art are very special gifts for him or her. Be it vibrant watercolours, unique silhouettes or amazing papier mache tableaux for your anniversary presents or romantic gifts, have proved time and time again to be genuinely inspired and valued. My Papier mache tableaux that depict a magical romantic moment in your life have produced some wonderful and inspiring feedback top see link. If you are new to this site please follow the links on the left. There you can browse at your leisure, looking through numerous suitable romantic, birthday or anniversary presents. Please click on one of the continents below to view tableaux created for Driftwood Dream's couples to celebrate their anniversaries and demonstrate their love around the globe.

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Heart Dioramas - Prices from £45

romantic heart giftLately I have been busy creating a unique romantic present - the heart shadow box or diorama.

These have proved to be very popular both for anniversary presents as well as Valentine gifts. Each one is unique and designed to include aspects that is special to you and your partner.

To view more, please click top Mosaics to see a range of other examples of this work.

Prices for this sort of design are from £75.00 and the size is about 8" - 10" square although frames vary as to what I have in stock.


Watercolours and Silhouettes

For your interest, I have now added watercolours and silhouettes to my range as you will see below. I feel it is time to broaden the options offered to suit all tastes.
This year, I am collaborating with two other artists to provide some inspirational romantic gifts. The idea is to offer a choice of personalised anniversary presents and other unique gifts to suit a variety of both styles and budgets.

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Watercolour Painting by Lyndsay - Prices from £95.00

watercolour romantic giftromantic gift

Lyndsay is a known watercolour artist who regularly exhibits in London and is swiftly making a name for herself.  Her style is fun and full of life. The two pictures above were designed to form a watercolour collage of several events during the year to create a lovely present. The collages depict a number of trips ands events over the previous year. If you like, the wedding could be part of a collage of images that form a larger picture. This may include the bouquet, church or reception venue, the cake and other items.

Her water colour work hangs in galleries and has been commissioned by individual patrons as well as a number of top interior designers sourcing works of art for their clients. She has authored an illustrated children’s book which was published in September 2007.  For details, click top The Rainbow Weaver and has also illustrated her fictional novel, "Making It Big".

romantic watercolourromantic waterclourromantic watercolour gift

Romantic by nature, Lyndsay was inspired by the notion of a truly original first anniversary memento and has come up with some lovely ideas and agreed to work at competitive prices to offer these stunning presents.  Normally her water colour work would command significantly higher prices but by cutting out agent & gallery costs we are able to bring you a fantastic offer. 'Lyndsay' has kindly agreed to sign each original in her normal fashion.

To find out more, please click on our top Watercolour page

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Silhouettes by Jo - Prices from £40.00

A romantic and affordable gift can be a silhouette of the two of you created for a paper or other anniversary present. This beautiful Victorian style silhouette can be mounted in a frame.

silhouette giftchild's sihouette gift

Normally I will give you a sheet of instructions for the requirements of the photos to be supplied.  If photos are provided, prices start at £40.00 for one silhouette in mount and a pair of different adults or children in a mount start at £75.00 for a double set. Photography is available if required but clients will need to go to Ham in Surrey to be photographed.

There will be a small extra charge for photography.

Two silhouettes can be placed in a double silver frame as below for as little as £18.00. Perhaps you would like to give your partner or grandparent a silhouette of a child or grandchild.

silhouette gift

Please e mail with your enquiry if this interests you.Please take a look at the top silhouettes page to see some more examples

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